Absolutely not! There is a very wide range of quality of sealant on the market today. There are completely different kinds of sealants, and many ways of preparing the sealant. Black Dawg starts with the best raw products and adds the perfect mix of additives, precisely measured and adjusted for the current weather conditions. Black Dawg’s sealant is unmatched in quality and longevity. We add premium additives like latex rubber for flexibility and durability, fine silica sand for slip resistance, and other company protected ingredients. Black Dawg’s one-of-a-kind sealant is non-tracking and naturally a dark slate-black.
Black Dawg uses the toughest industrial grade sealant and crackfiller in the world. You will not find longer lasting products. However, the lifetime of any job is unique to the existing condition and level of use of the asphalt. Factors that decrease the lifetime of the sealant include: degrading (crumbling) surface, high vehicle traffic, heavy-duty vehicles, overhead vegetation, harsh winter temperatures, scraping from snow plowing, chains on tires, chemical spills, low spots that hold water, and more. The longevity of the hot rubber crackfiller is mostly dependent on the amount of shifting of your asphalt surface during freeze/thaw cycles. To get the best estimate of how long the sealant will last, ask your local Black Dawg professional when they inspect your driveway.
Yes. There is potential to get a build-up of sealant by sealcoating too often for too long. It is OK to sealcoat in back to back years, but this should not be continually repeated without inspection by a Black Dawg professional. Again, every surface has unique needs.
There are many fly-by-night sealcoaters. They are here today and gone tomorrow. If you have problems or questions after the job is done, they may not be around to take care of it. Stick with a company who has been around, and will be, if there are questions or problems. Black Dawg is part of the largest asphalt maintenance company in the U.S., currently completing over 18,000 jobs per year and over 230,000 job in their 26 years in business. We will always be accountable for any legitimate problems that may arise. Other things to look for when choosing a sealcoating contractor: Are they fully insured, including workers’ compensation? Ask for proof of this insurance. You will be responsible for property damage or injuries that could happen if the workers are uninsured. Do they employ quality workers who are fairly paid and highly trained? Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? Will they answer detailed questions about the quality of their sealant and other products?
Black Dawg uses premium rubber crack filler that is heated to 400 degrees and poured into the structural cracks. The hot rubber is then scraped out and allowed to cool, sealing the crack. The highway grade rubber is very flexible, allowing the asphalt to shift in winter temperatures, resisting splitting. There are no viable, do-it-yourself options for good crack filling.
New asphalt is rich in oils and glues, which provide a smooth surface and flexibility for ground shifting. Sun, heat, cold, salt, rain and other factors cause the asphalt to dry out, lose flexibility, and quickly fade to a light gray color. The end result is a brittle, cracking, degrading surface that will need to be replaced. Black Dawg sealant is much stronger than the asphalt itself. It will take the beating from the external damaging factors, protecting the asphalt and greatly increasing its lifetime, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing black color. Anyone who states that sealcoating is bad for asphalt is very misinformed.
No. While Black Dawg industrial grade sealant is extremely strong and durable, it will not be thick to the point of making a bad surface like new again (nor will any other sealant). However, even bad surfaces will be beautified and protected by the sealant. Your Black Dawg professional will provide honest answers to the question of how much sealcoating will benefit your specific driveway and what you can expect for results. When driveways are in very bad condition, we may recommend replacing the asphalt.

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